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With CM Global, you have a one-stop destination for all your lottery-branded signage, displays, and premium materials.

What makes CM Global truly stand out is our unparalleled ability to not only conceptualize and design but also execute and deliver your orders. We understand that the unique needs of each state require tailored solutions, and that’s precisely what we excel at. Our mission is to assist lotteries in nurturing and expanding their brands by offering comprehensive custom solutions that enhance your visibility, both in storefront windows and within the store itself.

CM Global has been a trusted partner in the lottery industry for over seven years. We’re here to help your brand shine, both figuratively and literally, in the competitive landscape of the lottery market.

Products Offered

  • Window Jackpot Signs
  • Window Branded LED Signs
  • Interior/Counter Jackpot Signs
  • Interior POS Items: Scratchers, Countermats, Ticket Holders, Penny Trays, Etc.
  • Player Areas: Tables, Rugs, Clocks, Stools, Etc.
  • Keno Bar Items
CM Global

Why CMG?


Our inhouse design team can help incorporate your logo in a custom designed sign just for you.

Whether it’s dispatching a service replacement sign to the retailer or facilitating the return of a faulty unit for servicing, we’ve got you covered.

In-Store Space Development:

We help make player areas friendly and inviting by supplying consultation on how to best brand to make the customer feel welcome.

Industry Spotlight

Situation: The New Jersey lottery came to us for assistance on how to best reset 10 of their highest selling flagship stores to help increase sales.

Action: CM Global visited each store with the New Jersey Lottery team and made recommendations on how to develop the player areas to make them more appealing and brand friendly. CM Global came up with a comprehensive plan that included window signage, new playstation area, branded floor mats, and barstools.

Results: After installation, each location has seen a 21% boost in scratch ticket play.

CM Global


What I love about CM Global is that they are a one-stop source for our signage and promotional item needs. Ed and his team excel at identifying strategies and products that enhance our lottery business’s growth. They specialize in crafting customized signage solutions that align perfectly with our unique needs, and that is something I truly appreciate.

— John Hodor
VP Head of sales, Northstar New Jersey
CM Global

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